Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Rush hour...

This week's message was on
'Patience: Patience & Appreciation of Oneself AND also Patience towards others. It seems everyone has jumped up a notch in our 'pace' of life lately... I guess with many festivities & family gathering preparations... its more work on top of our current day to day existence. So everyone is rushing around even more, more tired, less patience of self & others... So if you find you get caught in the 'christmas rush' - not just in the shopping sense... take a step back, take a few deep breathes to re-focus... then chill out & enjoy the festive season for what it is... time to enjoy the company of our loved ones & to celebrate the year that we are concluding... '

Friday, December 4, 2009

Valuing One Self

Previously in the blog 'Valuing My Own Space' we spoke about valuing one's space in terms of time & physical space in our surrounding environment. Allowing and wanting space in our lives to even be open to experiencing something new. Now, its time to speak about ‘valuing one's own space’ from a different angle.

No longer, are we just talking about our environment, the physical space around us or the opportunities to experience things beyond ourselves. Now, we look more inward and start to value the space one occupies. So physically one takes up space as we stand or sit - we literally take up space in our environment. But how often do we appreciate and value the space that we are and occupy. I.e. How often do we appreciate the physical body that we have?

Imagine a person that you see and feel that is amazing and beautiful inside and out. Now, imagine - feeling that same admiration for that person - but this time direct those feelings to oneself? Does this feel foreign? To admire and value a person as if it was yourself? Then my question is - why not?

Valuing one's space is not only a physical level, but also to value our emotions - what we feel at each moment. Not hiding or stuffing our emotions in the background when a certain situation makes us feel uncomfortable. But valuing how we feel and making the appropriate action to feel better with ourselves and our situation.

Likewise, valuing one's mental space... valuing that one has the capacity to have many thoughts and also has the ability to choose the appropriate thought for each moment. How often are our thoughts with the task, person or environment before us? Or is it based on our past experiences or even in the anticipation of the future of the situation or person? Are our thoughts fresh to each moment?

As we have the ability to choose which thoughts we bring into focus - like when a camera lens focuses on its subject. When we value our ability to choose which thoughts we experience and give power to - we realise how amazingly powerful we can be as we can 'create' our experiences at each moment.

So valuing one's space is to value all that we entail: our body, our emotions, our thoughts and our endless potential and abilities to create and experience life as we wish.

Lately classes have been about 'feeling amazing' about ourselves - not for any particular reason or circumstance but because we 'value' ourselves for who we are, in each given moment. No longer do we need others or circumstances to confirm or validate our worth or our abilities - as we 'know' and feel how amazing we are now - right?

When we value ourselves, we no longer need to create 'fixed' boundaries or rules for others and self. We are free to be in each moment and if others encroach in our space, we will kindly let them know and are able to deal with it without getting too emotional about it. We are no longer 'attached' to others, our circumstances or expectations upon ourselves... as we value ourselves and are comfortable with ourselves regardless who we are with, what happens and what others do. We no longer need to control others or our environment.

Food for thought.
Have an amazing week! Just because YOU, yes, YOU are AMAZING.

[Believe it is possible and you will become it.]