Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Been a Hectic Week?

What a week! A week of many movements - both internally and externally. Where we've perhaps experienced different swirls of emotions that we have surfaced again from the past. How did we re-act or not re-act to them? As parents, did we over-react to our child's behaviour? As business owners/employees did we fall into old thinking/working habits? As kids, have we felt too tired and very sensitive to be able to have energy to keep up with our social commitments & expectations?

A week where everything perhaps have seemed to have a momentum of its own, which left us feeling a need to 'escape' or 'retreat'? Time and space to recover or to 'get a grip'. Or felt so exhausted, that we could not cope with our daily routines.

So this week I encouraged students to 'make time' for oneself. Whether it be sitting in the car for one minute or stepping outside the office for a moment. And more importantly creating time for ourselves where we can totally immerse ourselves in something that we 'love' doing. Creating space in our lives to step outside of our swirling expectations and pressures, of others - and more importantly from ourselves. Coming back to our own elements. Where we can 'lose' ourselves, in the moment. For me, its being in the ocean, for others it may be spending time in the garden etc.

Imagine the 'dis-ease' that we feel which prevents us from a proper nights sleep or the inability to be relaxed in our working/school/family environment were not due to the pressures of others or workload. But our expectations and pressures we place on ourselves.

So when we take that minute to step outside of our own swirling thoughts and pressures, we come back to our natural relaxed selves. Come back to what is important, perhaps our health, our enjoyment and passions in life.

Its great to have ambitions, goals etc to help us to achieve what we want from life, but too often I see many try so hard, that miss the experience of enjoying creating and living their dreams. Whereby, we miss watching our kids grow up, spending quality time with our friends & family or miss the fun and excitement of creating a year of memories when you turn 16 or 60.

When we create that space in our lives, we can see a different perspective to our current 'reality'. Perhaps, we get to see a different 'reality' by seeing things as they really are - which is infront of us. The opportunities, the love from our friends and family - instead of being stuck in our thoughts and not seeing the beauty that is before us - ready to be experienced.

When we create enough space for ourselves, not just in our daily routines but more importantly in our thoughts and expectations of ourselves. We experience our true self. Our inspirations, our creativity. Anchored in the moment that is infront of us. Anchored in ourselves. Who we are inside and sharing this with the world.

The image used today, seems to capture the lesson. Even though the waves at the beach seem to be endlessly crashing at our feet, and the sand never seems to settle in this movement. Our feet remain anchored in the sand. We remain anchored in who we are. All we need to do is stand still for a moment to see it.

See you next class!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Exciting Year Ahead!

This year is such a 'Smashing year', where we let go of old habits & perceptions of ourselves - allowing us to live the true essence of ourselves.

Brendan Rohan (Founder of Skyflower flower essences check out his blog: called the 2010 flower essence of the year 'Realism'' where we get more 'grounded' into the reality of what we have created thus far in our lives and experiences. What is more exciting is the part where we come in contact with the 'reality' of this and realise we are no longer bound by our old perceptions of self.

What some of us have been feeling, coming back to 'work' and reality of everyday life - have felt quite tired and/overwhelmed. When the 'reality' of it, is that we are not necessarily overwhelmed by the 'workload' but our perception that we hold of ourselves. Where we feel that we are smaller than the tasks/projects at hand and therefore we have 'shrunk' in these circumstances.

It is when we 'shrink' our energy, that we seemingly become 'overwhelmed' by our environment/circumstances. Back to the 'exciting' part of connecting with our 'reality', is that when we realise its not the circumstances that cause us the weariness or stress, but the fact that we have chosen to 'shrink' (more out of habit, then conscious action) THEN we realise that we NO longer need to 'shrink' in our workplace or alike AND can be 'anchored' in ourselves. ie. fill into
the space/presence that we 'do' hold and allow ourselves to shine in our essence - our true selves. Free, comfortable & relaxed.

Are these the words you would describe coming back to work? =>

Happy 'Smashing' New Year! - where you live the life you want to live, here & now.

Its GREAT to be back! There's lots of exciting new courses for both adults and kids this term, hope to see you there.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Dare you to be Different this Year!

I have not been a fan of 'New year's resolutions', as they have most often than NOT been based on our thoughts about our 'inadequacies ' or 'insecurities' about ourselves. eg. "I have a fat belly" therefore I should do more situps this year, or "I dont earn enough" therefore I need to earn more money this year etc. Obviously we cannot assume all resolutions are under this banner but I do and would like to challenge our 'new year's resolutions' and what they are based on.

What do we feel about ourselves when create them? Are we judging ourselves or even 'nitpicking' on ourselves because we are not in the 'perfect image' we think we should be (both physically or materialistically)? Or are we comfortable with ourselves and the choices we have made and lived in the past year, AND excited to grow and have more experiences to grow in the coming year? Sometimes when we feel we fall short of our 'perfect image', we try to 'better ourselves' and therefore our 'new years resolutions' arise.

So the challenge I proposed to my students today was this. It was to drop all the illusions or perceptions of ourselves that do not allow us to feel 'comfortable' and relaxed about ourselves - and to 'step up'. To step up and LIVE each moment BEING comfortable with who we are - physically, emotionally, financially, socially etc.
To make decisions about our lifestyle based on the fact that we are comfortable with who we are and where we are at - and letting that be the foundation of our actions.

ie. Perhaps a more solid one than, committing to punishing ourselves by pushing ourselves to the limit physically (ie. going to the gym 7 days/wk) and when we fall short from such a regime - we again punish ourselves by feeling guilty that we have not kept up the tortureous regime. Again is this based on judging ourselves rather than being comfortable with where we are at and knowing that our body and circumstances change all the time.

Naturally being January, we have just spent the last month perhaps enjoying good food and company or perhaps just enjoying time away from work and our everyday demands. So inevitably we are keen and fired up to move, create and tend to things that you want to do this year. It is a fantastic time, where we feel we can start fresh.

My question is: are your resolutions based on harsh judgment of oneself and focusing on what you 'don't have' or based on a sense of 'lacking. Whether it be physically or materialistically or even spiritually? Or is it based on embracing who are you already, and what you currently have, AND doing things this year based on 'I want to' and not 'I should' or 'I have to'...

When you base your actions on what you are 'lacking'... you may find yourself never satisfied. If you are striving for more money, when you earn more, you inevitably want to buy more and hence want to earn more and the cycle continues. Or likewise when are we comfortable with our bodies enough, to feel that we look & feel amazing regardless if we brushing our teeth or dressing up for a special occasion? Again when will be we ever be 'satisfied'?

So to my point, when we focus on what we are 'lacking' - the cycle of 'experiences of lacking' begins and keeps us feeling 'inadequate' or insecure about ourselves. If we start to relax and feel more comfortable about ourselves, comfortable about our bodies, how much we earn, what we choose to spend our time and energy on... we make different choices and hence have very different experiences. Decisions will be based on the fact that 'you Can and because you Want to'. No longer do we feel 'we should' or 'we have to do this or that'. Naturally when we are comfortable with ourselves, we do things that we 'Want' to do and 'Enjoy' our experiences more.

So I hope you enjoy being 'You' this year. To 'step up' to being comfortable with who you are and just enjoy a fantastic day/year ahead. Its a choice. To enjoy 'living' this year or keep on 'striving for an illusion of perfection'.

Happy New Year everyone! Its great to be back.=>

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Rush hour...

This week's message was on
'Patience: Patience & Appreciation of Oneself AND also Patience towards others. It seems everyone has jumped up a notch in our 'pace' of life lately... I guess with many festivities & family gathering preparations... its more work on top of our current day to day existence. So everyone is rushing around even more, more tired, less patience of self & others... So if you find you get caught in the 'christmas rush' - not just in the shopping sense... take a step back, take a few deep breathes to re-focus... then chill out & enjoy the festive season for what it is... time to enjoy the company of our loved ones & to celebrate the year that we are concluding... '

Friday, December 4, 2009

Valuing One Self

Previously in the blog 'Valuing My Own Space' we spoke about valuing one's space in terms of time & physical space in our surrounding environment. Allowing and wanting space in our lives to even be open to experiencing something new. Now, its time to speak about ‘valuing one's own space’ from a different angle.

No longer, are we just talking about our environment, the physical space around us or the opportunities to experience things beyond ourselves. Now, we look more inward and start to value the space one occupies. So physically one takes up space as we stand or sit - we literally take up space in our environment. But how often do we appreciate and value the space that we are and occupy. I.e. How often do we appreciate the physical body that we have?

Imagine a person that you see and feel that is amazing and beautiful inside and out. Now, imagine - feeling that same admiration for that person - but this time direct those feelings to oneself? Does this feel foreign? To admire and value a person as if it was yourself? Then my question is - why not?

Valuing one's space is not only a physical level, but also to value our emotions - what we feel at each moment. Not hiding or stuffing our emotions in the background when a certain situation makes us feel uncomfortable. But valuing how we feel and making the appropriate action to feel better with ourselves and our situation.

Likewise, valuing one's mental space... valuing that one has the capacity to have many thoughts and also has the ability to choose the appropriate thought for each moment. How often are our thoughts with the task, person or environment before us? Or is it based on our past experiences or even in the anticipation of the future of the situation or person? Are our thoughts fresh to each moment?

As we have the ability to choose which thoughts we bring into focus - like when a camera lens focuses on its subject. When we value our ability to choose which thoughts we experience and give power to - we realise how amazingly powerful we can be as we can 'create' our experiences at each moment.

So valuing one's space is to value all that we entail: our body, our emotions, our thoughts and our endless potential and abilities to create and experience life as we wish.

Lately classes have been about 'feeling amazing' about ourselves - not for any particular reason or circumstance but because we 'value' ourselves for who we are, in each given moment. No longer do we need others or circumstances to confirm or validate our worth or our abilities - as we 'know' and feel how amazing we are now - right?

When we value ourselves, we no longer need to create 'fixed' boundaries or rules for others and self. We are free to be in each moment and if others encroach in our space, we will kindly let them know and are able to deal with it without getting too emotional about it. We are no longer 'attached' to others, our circumstances or expectations upon ourselves... as we value ourselves and are comfortable with ourselves regardless who we are with, what happens and what others do. We no longer need to control others or our environment.

Food for thought.
Have an amazing week! Just because YOU, yes, YOU are AMAZING.

[Believe it is possible and you will become it.]

Friday, November 27, 2009

"Not enough Time, Not enough Money?" - Our 'Cause' & 'Effect' of Our Thoughts & Focus

Just a reminder from this week's meditation class.

What we 'focus on' becomes our experience. So for many, we can focus on 'not having
enough time' so everything that we do and is based on this foundation. Thoughts such
as "I dont have time, so I better do this...", or "I dont have enough money, therefore I have to do this..."

Too often we blame our circumstances/environment for our experiences. ie. our family background, our workmates etc. What if, all circumstances are momentary. There is no 'fixed' situation we need to be in. Some days, when we are amongst loved ones we can feel so adequate and relaxed about what we're doing and where we are placed in life. And perhaps, even laugh at our experiences & see the learnings from our experiences. Yet, some days, we can feel so tired from trying so hard and feel that we are getting no where. Our internal thoughts & emotions determine our external experiences - its inside out, not outside in.

So this week, we covered looking at our internal foundations that steer our thoughts, actions and hence reality. We called this the 'cause & effect', where the 'cause' was our fundamental thoughts that create the 'effects' or experiences that reflect our internal thinking and what we 'really' believe is possible for us.

So this week's homework, was to notice what foundation/platform we are currently working from, in terms of our thoughts & beliefs. Notice what our actions reflect and how we place ourselves. If we think and believe there is 'never enough time' or 'never enough money/abundance' then that's what we will experience... as soon as we 'let go' of the need to compensate for our 'world of lacking' or what we are missing in life... we can focus & enjoy the abundance that we have - whether it be love, health, wealth or happiness.

Our actions & thoughts reflect what we believe is possible. What foundations are we working from? What is our 'cause' & 'effect' that we experience?