Friday, November 27, 2009

"Not enough Time, Not enough Money?" - Our 'Cause' & 'Effect' of Our Thoughts & Focus

Just a reminder from this week's meditation class.

What we 'focus on' becomes our experience. So for many, we can focus on 'not having
enough time' so everything that we do and is based on this foundation. Thoughts such
as "I dont have time, so I better do this...", or "I dont have enough money, therefore I have to do this..."

Too often we blame our circumstances/environment for our experiences. ie. our family background, our workmates etc. What if, all circumstances are momentary. There is no 'fixed' situation we need to be in. Some days, when we are amongst loved ones we can feel so adequate and relaxed about what we're doing and where we are placed in life. And perhaps, even laugh at our experiences & see the learnings from our experiences. Yet, some days, we can feel so tired from trying so hard and feel that we are getting no where. Our internal thoughts & emotions determine our external experiences - its inside out, not outside in.

So this week, we covered looking at our internal foundations that steer our thoughts, actions and hence reality. We called this the 'cause & effect', where the 'cause' was our fundamental thoughts that create the 'effects' or experiences that reflect our internal thinking and what we 'really' believe is possible for us.

So this week's homework, was to notice what foundation/platform we are currently working from, in terms of our thoughts & beliefs. Notice what our actions reflect and how we place ourselves. If we think and believe there is 'never enough time' or 'never enough money/abundance' then that's what we will experience... as soon as we 'let go' of the need to compensate for our 'world of lacking' or what we are missing in life... we can focus & enjoy the abundance that we have - whether it be love, health, wealth or happiness.

Our actions & thoughts reflect what we believe is possible. What foundations are we working from? What is our 'cause' & 'effect' that we experience?

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