Thursday, November 12, 2009

Valuing My Own Space

Tonight's class was about ‘valuing one's own space’. Sometimes when we have some 'space' in our diary/hectic lives i.e. a day free on the weekend - we tend to book in or fill in this time with other commitments or 'things to do' from our never-ending 'to do' list. Then before we know it, every spare moment has been booked - and then, we wonder why there's never enough time to do things that we want to do or wonder why we're so tired all the time to enjoy quality time with ourselves and loved ones. So in today's class, it was about 'valuing' our space and to not habitually commit ourselves when we do have a morning off or a few hours between commitments - but to commit this time to being what it is. 'Space' or 'free time' which is 'NOT' time to start tackling our 'to do' lists, but a time to do 'nothing' without the guilt overhanging us. To value this space to enjoy being spontaneous, creative and to have inspirational thoughts. Too often we are use to trying to think, think, think or do, do, do... to create our desired outcomes or solutions and making things happen. Then we wonder why we get so tired or drained. So why not, value our own time to being free to do nothing and seeing what new thoughts or inspiration comes to us. So allowing for new solutions or perspectives to come to our awareness, instead of recycling old thoughts or re-living our old habits/beliefs?

Valuing our time to rest and have no commitments is just as valuable as 'committing' time to visit friends etc. As you give yourself time to re-grip your thoughts and to see things with a different perspective. i.e. seeing work deadlines as work deadlines, not the end of the earth. Don’t get me wrong, it serves its purpose to feel the urgency and importance of doing things to fulfill our deadlines, but sometimes we forget that we 'CAN' let go or turn off that need or 'sense of urgency' once in a while to feel calm, centered and comfortable about what we're doing and where we're heading in life.

Much can be said to valuing our own space - mentally & emotionally too. But I'll leave that one for another time.

I shall finish with one example. What is more significant? A glass of wine, or the empty glass that holds the space for the wine. Until we have the empty glass, there is no opportunity to experience fine wine, as there is no space to hold it. I.e. valuing our own space allows for new experiences to happen, and new opportunities to explore our potential and dreams.

So my question today is: Are you valuing your own space?

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