Monday, November 16, 2009

Taking Care of Self

Today's lesson: Taking Care of Self. Stocktaking where our energy (& thoughts) have been focusing on lately and re-assessing if we need to steer or fine-tune where our energy is directed. To check that it is directed towards what is important to us and pertinent for the current situation/environment before us now and diverging less from that - as we become more aware of it.

Where has your energy & thoughts been focusing lately?

As the year comes closer to an end, it is a good time now to re-visit where our energy has been focusing on lately, our attitudes to particular parts of our lives and start tying up loose ends, in preparation for a fresh start and focus for the coming year. Letting go of the old thinking habits and embracing a new approach. A 'New You' doesnt need a new wardrobe, or alike - just a fresh set of eyes to see what we believe is possible and aligning our thoughts and actions towards this.

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