Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Exciting Year Ahead!

This year is such a 'Smashing year', where we let go of old habits & perceptions of ourselves - allowing us to live the true essence of ourselves.

Brendan Rohan (Founder of Skyflower flower essences check out his blog: called the 2010 flower essence of the year 'Realism'' where we get more 'grounded' into the reality of what we have created thus far in our lives and experiences. What is more exciting is the part where we come in contact with the 'reality' of this and realise we are no longer bound by our old perceptions of self.

What some of us have been feeling, coming back to 'work' and reality of everyday life - have felt quite tired and/overwhelmed. When the 'reality' of it, is that we are not necessarily overwhelmed by the 'workload' but our perception that we hold of ourselves. Where we feel that we are smaller than the tasks/projects at hand and therefore we have 'shrunk' in these circumstances.

It is when we 'shrink' our energy, that we seemingly become 'overwhelmed' by our environment/circumstances. Back to the 'exciting' part of connecting with our 'reality', is that when we realise its not the circumstances that cause us the weariness or stress, but the fact that we have chosen to 'shrink' (more out of habit, then conscious action) THEN we realise that we NO longer need to 'shrink' in our workplace or alike AND can be 'anchored' in ourselves. ie. fill into
the space/presence that we 'do' hold and allow ourselves to shine in our essence - our true selves. Free, comfortable & relaxed.

Are these the words you would describe coming back to work? =>

Happy 'Smashing' New Year! - where you live the life you want to live, here & now.

Its GREAT to be back! There's lots of exciting new courses for both adults and kids this term, hope to see you there.

[Check out, click on Adult classes or Kids classes tab for more info.}

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