Friday, April 24, 2009

Reflections of ourselves

Funny how we humans work... sometimes we fall into the trap of feeling like victims of our circumstances and even of the condition of our bodies. Yet we sometimes fail to recognise our habits of ‘falling victim’ to our condition of our thoughts. As we delve deeper into our relationship with ourselves, by noticing what thoughts we habitually feed our minds with, and noticing what circumstances this creates on our physical selves and our environment and circumstances - we eventually learn that we have the reigns. We have had the reigns all this time. If our bodies are not reflecting the optimal health - what perception of ourselves (ie. self image/thoughts) have we been feeding ourselves? - to create this reality or experience of our bodies? Likewise, in our circumstances whether it be on the career front, financial and/or family life. As we notice what we have, and more to the point perhaps, what we have NOT been doing to experience our current circumstances. Our natural reaction after noticing what we have created for ourselves, is to judge and perhaps feel anger in ourselves (or maybe we have deflected this anger towards others or our circumstances unconsciously) - either way, it takes time to sit with ourselves to notice, to watch the emotions that arise as we notice what we have been creating in our lives and have called 'reality'. Then, to give ourselves enough space and freedom to dust ourselves off and take a better grip of our reigns, and steer our thoughts and naturally our actions in a manner that creates experiences that are comfortable, happy and purposeful each and every moment. Isnt this the life that we are or have been striving for in the first place - the only thing we have perhaps forgotten is that, the 'ideals' of our lives are being played out now. What thoughts (and hence experiences) are we creating now? This current moment in time. Forget about the future and past - what are we doing now? Our real experience of life - this very moment.

What you experience today is only a reflection of what you create each and every moment. As they say, “happiness comes from within” so have fun creating your experiences today.

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